Donna Lewis

Donna Lewis is a life coach, tutor, and homeschooling mother of 3 teen and preteen girls.  She has worked for years in ministry to women and children as director of pregnancy centers, adoption ministry, and directing homeschool campuses. 


Donna believes that the Bible is true, and that we can stand on its promises.  She also believes that God is real and active in our lives, looking to show Himself strong on our behalf.  She believes that women are marvelously beautiful, and that the Lord takes great care to bring us on the path to wholeness, strength, and purpose in this world and the next. 


Young women are particularly vulnerable in a world that values uniformity over uniqueness.  Often the world would conform them into an image contrary to their unique design.  Donna‚Äôs greatest desire is for women to discover and walk in purpose, strength, resilience, and confidence in who they are in Christ, and use that unique design to accomplish great things for God and our fellow humans.


She is currently teaching her own children high school, middle school, and elementary, teaching many others in her English grammar and writing class, and trying to keep up with the social schedule of her children that is far more busy than her own.  She enjoys journaling, gardening, organizing, and eating chocolate in any form.