Code of Conduct Environmental Education Groups

  1. Upon arrival at the HHCC, all vehicles must remain parked in designated lots. Maximum speed limit is 20 mph.
  2. No smoking is allowed in buildings and smoking is discouraged on the grounds.
  3. All language and behavior should be respectful. No profanity or vulgarity allowed.
  4. Dress shall be modest and adhere to the standards set forth by the attending school. If swimming, girls must wear one piece suits.
  5. No drugs, alcoholic beverages, or anyone under the influence of either will be tolerated on the HHCC grounds.
  6. No fireworks, firearms, or weapons will be allowed anywhere on HHCC grounds.
  7. Schools are financially responsible for damages to HHCC. A statement of damages will be sent to sponsoring school or institution.
  8. No swimming in the river unless permission from HHCC staff.
  9. No swimming in the pool unless your group rents the pool area and a lifeguard is present.
  10. Students must always be under teacher/adult supervision.