Justin & Claire Phelan

Justin Phelan was born and raised in Nashville Tennessee where he attended the Gospel Chapel. Justin grew up at Horton Haven as a camper and then staff and then served on CORE Staff for four years. He and Claire meet at Horton Haven and got married there on October 27th, 2007. Justin graduated from Emmaus Bible College in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies and Computer Systems Management. In 2003 he and two friends from Emmaus started Blackwood Media Group, a web design company that serves churches, Christian organizations and commercial buisnesses. Justin has worked with youth for a number of years and has served at a number of camps through out the US both in teaching and leadership roles. Justin and Claire live in Columbia, TN where they are active members of their local church. Justin and Claire have two kids, Della (4) and John born in August of 2014.