Environmental Education Rental Agreement

Please make sure you read and understand the bullet points below.

  • Completing the form below does NOT guarantee or confirm your registration.
  • A deposit of 25% is required to confirm and secure your registration.
  • Please read and agree with the Code of Conduct in its entirety, and share the pertaining information with the necessary individuals, including but not limited to: students, parents, teachers, aids, and chaperones.
  • Please download, print and sign a copy of the Code of Conduct and bring it with you.
  • Please contact us if you are interested in making this an overnight event.
  • Please call us if you have any questions: (931) 364-7656
  • If you prefer to download, print, and mail in the agreement you can do so here.
I will confirm the exact number no later than 5 days prior to our retreat.
Terms & Conditions

I will confirm the exact number no later than 5 days prior to our retreat. I understand that we must have or pay for at least 25 % of the total number of students attending. In the event that medical attention is needed, coverage will be as follows: the child’s primary insurance is first, then the schools, then Horton Haven’s. Meals must be requested in advance at $5 each. Lunch is served promptly at noon. All meals are served in the camp dining hall, and prepared and served by the Horton Haven Staff. Hayrides, campfires, canoeing, gym time are available at extra charge and the indoor climbing wall is available for $5 per climb (minimum 20 climbs). These activities MUST be arranged in advance. Our sound system in the Greystone Chapel is available for use at $15 per session. Only HHCC staff is permitted to use this equipment unless prior permission and instruction has been given. 

Seasonal: Our outdoor swimming pool may be used for an additional fee of $75 per group for 2 hours and each additional hour is $25. There is NO smoking, alcohol, or fireworks/arms on the campgrounds. Enclosed is our deposit of 25%, and our sales tax exemption form, to confirm this reservation. We understand this deposit will be cashed, but will be returned to us BY MAIL AFTER THE RETREAT if we are not rebooking for the following year, provided there has been no damage done by any of our group. I understand that any damages incurred by our group will be deducted from our deposit and any remaining charges will be applied to our school. I understand that if it becomes necessary for us to cancel within 60 days of our reservations, we forfeit our deposit unless Horton Haven is able to schedule another retreat in our place. If we cancel within 30 days of our retreat, we forfeit our deposit regardles

I also understand that full payment (the remaining 75%) is expected UPON OUR ARRIVAL.